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To better communicate in real time and exchange essential data for their business, companies need more and more stable, reliable and sustainable connections.
Faced with a non-existent or increasingly saturated telephone network and areas without ADSL / Wimax, Wireless Broadband supports and advises you in order to offer you the best Internet & network access solution adapted to your problems.

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Satellite coverage

Wireless Broadband uses recent high quality satellites from the best manufacturers, located for Europe / Africa communications.
These satellites are not in inclined orbit and have a lifetime of 15 years and +. Our coverage networks in Band Ka, Ku and C-band are therefore a durable and effective solution for our customers.

The following satellites provide connectivity to the African continent: Yahsat, Astra 4A (Sirius 4) / 2G, Eutelsat 16A / E70B, Yamal 402, AM22 Express (14 ° West), Telstar 11N, Intelsat 28, Arabsat 5A

Astra 4A Ku-band

Satellite Name: Astra 4A (Sirius 4)
Position: 5° E (4.8° E)
Launch date: 18-Nov-2007
Expected lifetime: 15+ yrs


Yamal 402 Ku-band

Satellite Name: Yamal 402
Position: 55° E (54.9° E)
Launch date: 8-Dec-2012
Expected lifetime: 15 yrs


Astra 2G (SES S.A)

Satellite Name: Astra 2G
Position: 28° E (28.2° E)
Launch date: 27-Dec-2014
Expected lifetime: 15 yrs


Telstar 11N

Satellite : Telstar 11N (Telstar)
Position: 37° W (37.5° W)
Launch date: 26-Feb-2009
Expected lifetime: 15 yrs


Express AM8 (14°W)

Satellite Name: Express AM8
Position: 14° W (14° W)
Launch date: 14-Sep-2015
Expected lifetime: 16 yrs.


Arabsat 5A (C-band)

Satellite Name: Arabsat 5A
Position: 31°E (30.5°E)
Launch date: 26-Jun-2010
Expected lifetime: 15 yrs.


Intelsat 28 (Intelsat)

Satellite Name: Intelsat 28
Position: 33°E (32.8°E)
Launch date: 22-Apr-2011
Expected lifetime: 15 yrs.


Eutelsat 70B

Satellite Name: Eutelsat 70B
Position: 70°E (70.5°E)
Launch date: 3-Dec-2012
Expected lifetime: 15 yrs


Our jobs

As a telecom operator and provider of satellite and radio (Wifimax MiMo) communications (internet access) services, Wireless Broadband provides businesses, individuals and public authorities with the components of a new generation information system essential to their performance and achieving their goals.
Wireless Broadband is today the leading provider of Ka band communications services in Benin and Togo, with a digital branch and satellite coverage in 32 African countries.

Temporary WiFi Network: TekLACH-Wi-Fi


Internet Connection Aggregation Solution


Solutions PRA / PCA Activity Recovery Plan


Secure file sharing solution


Temporary internet solutions


Supply and installation of 3G / 4G network amplifiers


Wireless Broadband,
the alternative to your connectivity needs

Do you want to provide continuity of service in the event of an incident?
An independent link for terrestrial networks.

When connectivity is critical, the use of satellite technology in solution emergency service ensures the continuity of services in the event of incidents on terrestrial infrastructures. The economic conditions for bringing this backup into service are very advantageous, the bandwidth being consumed only in the event of interruption of the copper or main fiber link.

In terms of coverage and throughput, the satellite makes it possible to overcome the traditional eligibility constraints by making it possible to have a symmetrical or asymmetrical bit rate, well adapted to most needs in this field.

To ensure the continuity of services indispensable for VPN or Internet access, the satellite is an ideal complement to copper and fiber technologies, with high level security and high or symmetrical data rates.

High bandwidth access by Ka and Ku band satellite

You want a very high-speed connection, wherever you are in Africa, even in remote areas where ADSL and Wimax are of poor quality or lack terrestrial infrastructure?

Wireless Broadband book its very high speed satellite services anywhere in the country and in West Africa.

Even isolated or located in an area not served by optical fiber or ADSL and Wimax, any organization can have the connectivity necessary for a business activity.

Wireless Broadband allows a satellite internet connection regardless of the environment .

Satellite technology allows you high-performance internet access with data rates up to 30 Mbit/ s download. Wireless Broadband also integrates high-speed satellite access directly into the MPLS VPN networks implemented for its customers, with the same possibilities for prioritizing balanced streams and rates.

Multi-service satellite service provider Ka and Ku, Wireless Broadband guarantees the use of satellite technology similar to copper and fiber technologies: MPLS, QoS, shared firewall, internet delivered at the heart of the network, deliveries of several VLANs... The security and interconnection strategies are managed by the teleport (control and supervision center), without the need for dedicated equipment on the connected site.

By remaining dedicated to the professional world, the satellite access implemented by Wireless Broadband benefits from a contention rate (ratio of bandwidth sharing between subscribers) three times higher than the general public satellite offers: essential for a satisfactory use of your applications!

Your event connected, in all places, all times, it is possible! And turnkey!.

Satellite is the solution for temporary Internet access.

Whether it's a sporting, cultural, institutional event, live satellite technology will connect you to your Internet Internet event, wherever it takes place, even in the white zone.

Without any constraint of place, duration or weather, the satellite adapts and fits perfectly to your needs. It can be combined with proximity service solutions (Wi-Fi) and the Wireless Broadband Support offer, to provide connectivity over large areas and under the desired security conditions.

Your connected event is a dynamic beyond d-day. Social media is now at the heart of successful events. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube will make yours live before, during and after.

Your connected event is the guarantee of a federated community, and a second virtual audience! Texts, tweets, sounds, videos, photos will be the best relay of your success.

Your connected event is also a criterion of attractiveness. It is to offer the possibility to all those who gather around you to be able to have access to their digital data, personal or professional.

In the case of emergency or disaster, have the Very High Speed in a few hours, it is crucial!.

In conditions of extreme urgency, be it an industrial disaster, natural disasters, or a large-scale accident, it is crucial to have an internet connection within hours.

Thanks to the satellite antenna, it's possible. Organization of rescue, data transmission, setting up crisis cells... Responsiveness is at the heart of the concerns. It is necessary to act quickly, to gather human and material resources: the access to the Very Broadband is one of the conditions of success.

But if speed is a key criterion, we must take into account the environmental and climatic conditions that are not always favorable. The satellite connection is the solution perfectly suited to this type of situation.

The deployment of a very high speed satellite access requires a competence that can be transferred by Wireless Broadband to technical correspondents. an organization, to ensure the maximum responsiveness required in these situations.


To remain competitive and allow you to focus on your core business, Wireless Broadband offers you to use its dedicated server and storage infrastructure without investment, and define the expected level of service (dedicated bandwidth, guaranteed hosting space, redundancy of IP links, operational security).

Dedicated hosting, shared hosting or virtualized hosting, Wireless Broadband offers tailor-made solutions for your hosting needs of: #website, #device, #applications such as payroll software, CRM, ERP, business applications, #backup.
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You have your own rack servers, and you want to place them in totally secure datacenters?
Wireless Broadband offers you its solution of housing: rent locations in our bays (from 1U to several dedicated bays) in France and USA.

Wireless Broadband puts at your disposal the power and the quality of its facilities to accommodate your servers: redundancy, electrical power, air conditioning, bandwidth and security ....
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Digital agency: Development, digital & Webmarketing

The digital agency of Wireless Broadband is dedicated to the support of companies in their projects and digital strategy.
It is animated by a dynamic young team of the digital domain. It works in the development of innovative projects.
The digital agency provides a global service to manage and manage the digital projects of its customers.

Our team of engineers, developers and project managers support you throughout the implementation of your digital projects.
From the definition of your e-commerce strategy to development of specific business applications, while optimizing your traffic, entrust our experts with all your digital projects!

Faithful to our simple, close and daring market conception, we provide dynamic responses to the expectations of our individual and corporate customers. It's about offering not what we know how to do but what the customer really needs.

Our leadership team is young and dynamic passionate about computer science, telecom, web, internet, free and open source software, working closely with leaders of the space telecommunication industry.

We continually challenge established methodologies, researching leading-edge technologies, tweaking our products and services, and providing a turnkey solution to dramatically change and improve life and day-to-day business.

Thanks to a relentless effort and constant concentration and passion, we are breaking the digital divide in sub-Saharan Africa.

The "Wireless Broadband" Benin, Togo and Niger provides innovative communication solutions by providing reliable and secure Internet access at lower cost to private users and business professionals in sub-Saharan Africa.

We are improving the quality of life and supporting economic progress across sub-Saharan Africa through our cost-effective communications technologies.


We use Wireless Broadband for video chat and other forms of communication. It sucks up a lot of bandwidth but the system handles it with ease. The customer service is awesome and I have never had an issue that was not resolved expeditiously and efficiently. Thank you.

Thomas CURTUS | Particular

Thanks to the VSAT wireless broadband connection, the satisfaction rate of my services has reached 99%

Arnaud Visse | Particular

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Our goal is to offer you the best satellite telecom solution that meets your expectations, constraints and budget. For this we adopt a multi-network approach, which allows us to offer you the right solution wherever you are. We develop strong business and technical partnerships with major satellite operators and are distributor / reseller of their products and services.

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